Vanessa Korn meets educators at GVV


Gruppo di Volontariato Vincenziano – GVV



Vanessa Korn



19 educators


Encourage adaptability, through empathy, intuition and continuous independent learning.



A learning-by-doing and horizontal approach where the tutor facilitates the process of discovery and learning.



Recognize each other as part of a work group, create a sense of team and sharing, favouring freedom of exchange and acceptance of other’s needs.

The use of the body, guided visualisations and improvisations make us reflect on educational work and ourselves, at times in an unsettling but useful way. Retrieving the use of the body has been energising, especially after the past two years, where physical relations were limited.

GVV Educator

As the COVID emergency has taught us, environment and society require from us a capacity of continuous adaptability. Empathy, intuition and continuous independent adaptability become valuable resources. Art – theatre in this case – is the best development tool.

Two years since the outbreak of the pandemic TAP has developed for GVV a laboratory called “The listening body”. Addressed to GVV educators and involving the actress, author and counsellor Vanessa Korn, to respond to the highlighted goals including: team building and knowledge among all operators of the organisation, foster empathy, internal communication of the different teams, encourage the acquisition of new tools that can also be used with their users.

Vanessa Korn, author, actress and theatre director, graduates in 2009 at the International School of Theatre Arsenal of Milan. She works, among others, with Elio De Capitani, Oscar de Summa, Marina Spreafico, in productions at Elio Puccini Theatre, Metastasio – Stabile della Toscana, Filodrammatici di Milano. She has a counsellor degree in theatrical mediation and has gained various experiences in the educational and training fields. She has conducted numerous workshops, in Italy and abroad, on the theme of interculturality, inclusion and affection education.