The Cool Couple meets Banca Leonardo’s team

February 2018


Banca Leonardo



The Cool Couple



All employees


Open imaginary windows inside the new bank spaces



Selection of works of art for a temporary corporate art collection



Installation of a temporary corporate art collection

“Memory has been fully absorbed by its meticolous reconstitution. Its new vocation is to record; delegating to the archive the responsibility of remembering.”


For the offices of the new Banca Leonardo’s headquarters in Via Broletto 46 (Milan), we selected some works from the series Approximation to the West by The Cool Couple.

Approximation to the West is a research into the forgotten past through the collection and re-assembly of historical information through the means of photography, drawing and installation. Taking as a metaphorical key the history of industrial development in Carnia in the 1960s, the project questions some of the issues that characterize our present, such as the crisis of local identities, the concept of nation and the emergence of new nationalist movements.

The Cool Couple (TCC) is an artistic duo living and working in Milan. It was born in 2012 from the synergy between Nicolò Benetton (1986) and Simone Santilli (1987). Their research focuses on the analysis of the present, working on the friction that is generated daily in the relationship between people and images.