Roberto Fassone works with the students from the University of Bologna

December 2018


University of Bologna



Roberto Fassone



100 students and alumni from the master’s degree in International Management (CLAMDA-IM)


Reflecting on the dynamics of creativity generation



Workshop (2 hours)



Realization of 10 concepts of new works of art and production of a single work to be placed in the spaces of the University

“The workshop was really interesting. It guided me to open up new perspectives and think about creative solutions despite the very realistic constraints placed (budget, goal, purpose).”


On the occasion of the reunion of alumni and students of the master’s degree in International Management (ClamDA-IM) at the University of Bologna, we invited the artist Roberto Fassone to talk about creativity and innovation.

Roberto presented the results of his research on the theme of generating new ideas in conceptual art. In a second step, about 100 young managers were involved in a workshop during which they had to outline a new work of art based on the guidelines received. The best one has been selected and will be realized and installed in the spaces of the University.

Roberto Fassone (Savigliano, CN, 1986) is a conceptual artist, performer and basketball player. Among his works, sibi is a software created by the artist that gives the results of a research on why and how some artists have created ideas that break with previous works of art.