Diego Marcon works with pre-teens at Enel’s summer camp

July 2019


La Fabbrica – Enel



Diego Marcon



80 children between 8 and 13 y/o from Italy, India, Canada, United States, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, Argentina, Romania, South Africa


Generating a dialogue about identity, diversity and inclusion



Workshop (4 days)



Production of handmade films on film, using the techniques of experimental cinema

“Our hearts were on screen!”

– ANDREA (6 y/o)

Enel, in collaboration with La Fabbrica, organized the tenth edition of We Are Energy, a thematic, international and multidisciplinary summer camp dedicated to the children of its employees.

Inspired by the theme chosen for the 2019 edition, diversity and inclusion, the 80 participants told about themselves and their relationship with multiculturalism through the creation of a short analog animated film, under the guidance of the artist Diego Marcon.

Participants explored the magic of the projection machine and the mechanisms behind the making of animated films. In particular, the artist shared the direct animation technique, which is used in experimental cinema and is characterized by a plastic and pictorial approach. Through a manual and playful approach, the workshop also facilitated the approach to animation, working exclusively on its primary elements (film and projection).

Diego Marcon (Italy, 1985) lives in Milan and has exhibited in many European countries. In 2018, he won the prestigious MAXXI Bulgari Prize. His research focuses on the relationship between reality and representation, investigating the moving image and its possibility of being an instrument of discovery of reality.