We are mediators.

The uniqueness of The Artist Partners (TAP) proposal lies in its ability to speak the language of the art world and the world of management, understanding its objectives and operating methods. Our projects reconcile the complexities of both areas and enhance their specificities.


We organize interventions, workshops, training courses, special events and productions in which the selected artist is always the facilitator of a participatory process of learning and discovery, where the public involved becomes in turn its protagonist.


Among the topics we work on most frequently are


  • empathy;
  • interpersonal communication (between different cultures, generations, fields of specialty and genders);
  • creativity and innovation;
  • valorization of individuality;
  • sustainability;
  • merging of humanities and science.

Who are we addressing?

Our activities are targeted to


  • artists who are active on the contemporary arts scene and who wish to experiment within new contexts, mainly by adopting participatory practices;
  • all organizations interested in exploring innovative solutions and methodologies to confront today’s challenges.

How do we work?

There are always three basic elements at the heart of our projects:


  • creativity – every intervention is original, tailor-made for the client;
  • transformation – we offer a transformative experience that reaches both heart and mind, by communicating though rationality and emotion;
  • effectiveness – our interventions are based on a solid base of research and previous experience at an international level.

What are our services?