We build a bridge between artists and organizations across different fields.

One of our main objectives is to promote artistic professions by connecting artists with the social, political and productive dimensions.


Artistic research often anticipates the problems and emergencies of the contemporary world. By offering a different perspective, they teach us that an alternative way of perceiving, living and imagining the present is possible.


Unfortunately, today contemporary practices are mainly attended and experienced by an audience of experts in the field. We want to make as many people and professionals as possible experiment with them.


By bringing together artists and organizations, we foster the process of hybridization and contamination between different practices and knowledge.


  • Workshops and summer schools on topical aspects of the artistic profession and practice, such as budget management, production, contracts, communication management;
  • commissions of specific interventions in organizational contexts (public administrations, private companies, foundations, schools and universities).


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Who we are