Beatrice Catanzaro

Milan, 1975. Italian-Swedish artist and researcher, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, with a pilot project in art therapy. Her projects, which generate situations oriented towards shared learning and public participation, with particular interest in social, political and economic dynamics, have been developed in Europe, the Middle East and India. She has taught practice-based research at the International Art Academy of Palestine and is currently a PhD student at Oxford Brookes University.


Roberto Fassone


Savigliano, CN, 1986. Conceptual artist and performer. He specializes in graphic design at the Politecnico in Turin. Through one of his researches he aimed to bring to light the hidden structure of the mental process that generates a work of art. In this regard he has developed a software, Siri, capable of generating billions of instructions to create a conceptual work of art and thus reflect on the process behind the genesis of creative ideas.


Elena Mazzi


Reggio Emilia, 1984. Graduated in Visual Arts at the IUAV of Venice. Her poetics investigate the relationship between mankind and the environment and the way in which the human being decides to operate in it, bringing about change. Mainly following an anthropological approach, her analysis investigates both personal and collective identity, related to a specific territory and which gives rise to different forms of exchange and transformation. She has won numerous awards and her works have been exhibited all over the world.


Eva Frapiccini


Recanati, MC, 1978. She lives and works between England and Italy. Her works, accompanied by careful field research, investigate reality and its meanings, moving through the different codes of image and photographic language, videos and installations. With the work Dreams’ Time Capsule she wanted to create an audio archive of dreams, collected thanks to the participation of the public during public events in many countries around the world. Her works are included in numerous collections, in Italy and abroad. She won the first edition of the scholarship of the Italian Ministry “Italian Council”. She is associate professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna.


Valerio Rocco Orlando


Milan, 1978. Italian artist and filmmaker. Graduated in Dramaturgy at the Catholic University of Milan, he obtained a master’s degree in Film Direction at the Queen Mary University in London. He studies human relations, connections and interdependence. He reflects on the dynamics of sharing experiences, on the sense of belonging, on the importance of exchange with others in the construction of one’s own identity and that of one’s own community. His works have been exhibited all over the world and have become part of numerous public and private collections, in Italy and abroad. Among his collaborations: the composer Michael Nyman, the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy, the psychoanalyst Luigi Zoja; the artists Gilbert & George.


Marinella Senatore


Cava de’ Tirreni, SA, 1977. Her practice is based on public participation. The founding idea is to facilitate and stimulate the creative potential of the community, working on the pre-existing, hidden connections among people belonging to a group. Her works are shared experiences, where each individual is invited to create a participatory work and play a unique and irreplaceable part. Given her musical and cinematographic background, Marinella works mainly with video, performance and photography. She has won numerous international awards and held lectures and performances around the world, including the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.


Massimiliano Viel


Milan, 1964. Musician, composer and researcher, he is a university professor at the Conservatory of Bolzano and teaches Sound Design at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan. His primary research interest is the interaction between sound and the human brain. He has written more than 50 musical compositions, presented all over the world. Since 1999 he has worked with electronic music, also producing audio-video works.


Diego Marcon


Busto Arsizio, MI, 1985. He lives in Milan and has exhibited in many European countries. His research focuses on the relationship between reality and representation, investigating the ontology of the moving image and its possibility of being an instrument for discovering reality. Experimenting mainly with video, Diego reinterprets cinematography and children’s literature as tools for the investigation and the narration of contemporary reality. In 2018, he won the prestigious MAXXI Bulgari Prize.


The Cool Couple


Milan, 2012. Artist duo by Niccolò Benetton (1986) and Simone Santilli (1987). Their research focuses on the “friction” generated daily in the relationship between people and images. The idea of images as active hubs translates into the use of different forms of expression, ranging from art photography to electrostatic wipes, from meditation rooms to Chinese cover bands. They have deepened the theme of meditation and are interested in using this practice as a tool to refocus on a series of phenomena that usually fall at the edge of our gaze.


Gli Impresari


Venice, 2014. Artist collective (Edoardo Aruta, Marco Di Giuseppe, Rosario Sorbello), currently researching on the forms of Italian theatre, stagecraft and in particular the complex world of theatrical machines, devices thanks to which in the past it was possible to obtain rapid changes of scene, sudden appearances or simulations of natural effects. Starting from the role of theatrical machines as real devices of wonder, the group intends to think about the political and aesthetic implications that revolve around the use of these ancient propaganda tools, considering their analogical value as an essential virtue to develop a reflection on the concept of technique within contemporary society.


Corinne Mazzoli


La Spezia, 1984. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and obtained a Master in Visual Arts at the IUAV (2012). As an artist, Mazzoli wears many hats: she is a performer, a videomaker and a sound artist. Since 2013, she has developed a video series called Tutorials that focuses on the body in the contemporary age. With her work ‘Tutorial #1: How to get a Thigh Gap’ she won the Stonefly Award. She strongly believes in the cooperation between art and business and actively participates as a coordinator in the research project Artificare (promoted by Ca’ Foscari University and IUAV), which studies the role of creativity for the development of innovation and competitiveness in companies.